Heidelberg Prinect workflow is the backbone of our pre-press department, it enables us to provide a full suite of pre-production features including: extensive pre-flighting, electronic imposition, high resolution proofing, remote proofing and ISO standard colour management.

Tandym Pre-Press Offers:

  • A full suite of pre-flight procedures and checks
  • Electronic imposition – imposing artwork electronically based on the binding or printing style.
  • We have also invested in specialized software to assist with inter-locking and scheming for packaging jobs.
  • High-resolution proofs as standard as well as the ability to produce fogra certified proofs where clients require it.
  • Remote proofing


A print job is only complete once it has been finished to Tandym’s high quality standards. We have the capability to perform virtually any finishing task in our factory, outsourcing only a select few specialties like UV varnishing, foiling and embossing. Our highly skilled team handles: folding, stitching, binding, gluing, trimming, cutting, die cutting, creasing, embossing, drilling, side-stitching, eyeletting, handwork and inserting to any level of detail or specification.


Tandym’s approach to fulfilment has demonstrated our value as a print partner to many of our clients in the past. We offer clients a comprehensive fulfilment service that includes custom packing to detailed specifications, product handling, storage, delivery and mailing. This sets us apart from other print companies and allows us to offer end to end, tailored solutions for our clients.