Established by the late Basil Morkel and the Morkel family in 1994, the company celebrates its’ 20th anniversary in 2014.

Tandym Print is a family business: Basil Morkel, his wife Cecelia and their son Jerome established the company 20 years ago. They built the business together from there, with a few other family members joining the team and sitting on the Board of Directors over the years.

The Morkel family has built Tandym print into a major contender in the print industry that is still firmly founded on Basil Morkels simple, grounded vision to work in partnership with clients and produce excellent quality print products for them.

Today the company is driven by a culture of innovation and efficiency, focused on harnessing the best technology available to achieve the results that their clients have come to expect.

Basil’s Wisdom

The heritage of our business is largely the solid foundation laid by the late Basil Morkel and one of the ways in which this heritage survives him is in the form of “The Tandym Way”, which is a set of principles that he always championed:

He believed in aiming for beyond 10/10 when it came to production efficiency, “10 Plus” he called it.

He insisted that staff follow the ABC’s of print for every job and never resort to taking short cuts. “Rule up the sheet, check that it folds correctly…” many Tandym staff members still clearly recall him saying that

He believed in fundamentals, getting the basics right, for example: always doing things right the first time; he was serious about customer service and passionate about exceptional quality.


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